After many months, weeks, days and hours of thinking about making the move to Australia we finally pulled the trigger and did it. Initially there were many sleepless nights thinking if the decision we had made was the right one; but here we are and its working out just fine (with two young children).
I am a Pilot by trade so checklists are my thing. I went through every excruciating detail to make sure the move was well catered for and we could hit the ground running when we finally landed in Australia.

This website is a brain dump from all of my notes and our experiences with the relocation to Australia from New Zealand. I wish to make the journey for others easier by providing all of the information here in one place. If the information is not fully provided I will endeavor to provide links to the appropriate place where to find the up to date information.

We didn’t have to face immediate immigration issues as New Zealanders are given the right to work and reside in Australia, BUT, there are fishhooks for Kiwis who wish to make the move to Australia and live permanently. These fishhooks are all covered in this website as well as information for non-Australian and New Zealanders to relocate to Australia. 

Use our checklists to make sure you have EVERYTHING covered. This website is a great tool for anyone thinking about moving to Australia.

Enjoy the website. Please provide feedback for other stuff you would like to see.

If you find this website helpful then please share it. Thankyou. 

Australian landscape photos courtesy of (Gold Coast)

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