Are you sure?

How to make a big decision…(an unbiased mathematical tool to help you!)

Have you really made to decision to relocate to Australia or are you just thinking about it?

 If you are still sitting on the fence then definitely read below and follow me through. 

We dwelled on this largest decision of our lives for a very long time. After a lot of research and procrastinating we used a non-biased, calculated decision making method to weigh everything up and come up with a mathematical decision.

This is a very simple process which I will outline here. If you take 10 minutes to complete this process, you really cannot argue with its findings as each element of the possible move is taken into account on its own accord. Effectively, this is a ‘weighted decision matrix’. Do not be scared of the name – follow me through the process. We can either do it on a spreadsheet or we can simply use a piece of paper with a calculator.

The whole point of a weighted decision matrix is to divide a complex problem into many simpler problems. This means treating each criterion as completely separate from every other one and ‘dumbing’ down the decision.

Weighted Decision Matrix –

  1. Write down things you value the most in life. Examples are –
  • Family,
  • Money,
  • Opportunities,
  • Schools,
  • Medical access,
  • Security of job,
  • Climate,
  • Shopping,
  • Cost of Living,
  • Friends close by etc etc. It could be anything you value.
  1. Next to each of these things you value give them a number between 1 and 5. 5 being the maximum number you can give. That is, you value the thing ALOT.
  1. Then write down the two choices you face.

(a) Stay where you are, and                    (b) Moving to Australia.

  1. Now we go through the long list of things you value such as family and see if staying where we are or moving to Australia will satisfy us. We do this by rating each thing we value between 0 and 3.

Example –

What I Value (1-5)        Stay in NZ (0-3)         Move to Australia (0-3)

Opportunities                            2                                     3

This says, if we stay in NZ our criteria of opportunities would be somewhat met (criteria value 2). If we moved to Australia our criteria of opportunities will be fully met (value 3 – as Australia has potentially more opportunities for you).

  1. Now you have done the hard bit of rating the things you value in life. To get to a weighted decision:
  2. Multiply ‘What I value’ x Stay in NZ
  3. Multiply ‘What I value’ x Move to Australia

Do this for each option you value. So for the above example you would have:

What I Value (1-5)                Stay in NZ                         Move to Australia

Opportunities     5                2 (5×2=10)                         3 (5 x 3=15)

Money                 4                 1    (4 x 1=4)                      3 (4 x 3=12)

  1. Now add all the multiples you have just done under each choice:

What I Value (1-5)              Stay in NZ                        Move to Australia

Opportunities       5              2 (5×2=10)                         3 (5 x 3=15)

Money                   4               1    (4 x 1=4)                      3 (4 x 3=12)

.                                               Total 14 (10+4)         Total 27 (15+12)

  1. So we have total values of Stay in NZ = 14 and Move to Australia = 27 (using only 2 criteria of Opportunities and Money)
  2. Australia WINS. But this is only using 2 criteria of things you value. You need to populate the things you value as much as you can and then run this process. It will be fair and unbiased.

Below is a great life example which you can easily build and come to you own decision. Remember to scroll to the right.


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