Shipping your belongings to Australia

You probably will need the help of a professional removal company in order to get all of your home contents to Australia. We got 4 quotes and did not run with the cheapest one. Here is why,

  1. Not all removal companies offer the same standard of service (surprise, surprise). Meaning, did all the quotes you receive actually include certain things like door to door packing and unpacking, service, insurance whilst good are in transit and extra storage costs if you can not take delivery of your items once you are in Australia for whatever reason (no house yet for example).
  2. Moving peoples households across the world is big business – so there are companies out there who just want to make a quick dollar and will not ensure your move goes smoothly.
  3. One of the more expensive companies, when asked to price match certain things on the quote, came to the party and lowered their price. Contents insurance was a big thing they matched.

The removal companies calculate the amount of stuff you need to move cubic metres (or feet). A half size shipping container can take 28 meters cubed and a full size (40ft) container can take 56 meters cubed. So you can guess the expense goes up if you have more than 28 meters cubed of stuff to move.

As it happened we moved a full 40ft container sole use. Meaning, no others people stuff was shipped inside our container.

You will get quotes on ‘shared use’ containers if you have slightly over 28 meters cubed of stuff to move. This means the excess contents will be shared in another container. More potential for things to get lost in transit and damaged as the good are double handled across the ports.

So how much was it?

For a 5 bedroom home with about 52 meters squared of home contents we paid:

  • $10,898 NZD door to door pack and unpack service to Gold Coast, Australia from Auckland, New Zealand.
  • $2585 NZD insurance on over $100,000 worth of stuff. You can opt for cheaper levels of insurance but this is a personal choice and risk you have to assess. What would you do if they lost the container?
  • I’ll quickly add the (cat) pet cost here but will talk more about pets further on – $1437NZD plus $832NZD.
  • Total cost to get our stuff door to door safely = $15,752NZD


Which companies did we get quotes from? AusmoveNewzealandmovers, and Gracemovers.

For the people interested in moving your pet to Australia there is a separate post. Most removal companies do not offer this service directly and you have to approach a separate dedicated pet mover company. Removal companies obviously have the preferred providers.