Utilities in Australia

There is lots of competition in the Australian marketplace for all type of utilities. There are 3 main areas I will touch on; 

  1. Mobile phone providers
  2. Home electricity (and gas) providers
  3. Home internet providers 

Mobile phone providers

Like i mentioned, there is loads and loads of competition in the mobile phone space. If you bring your own phone with you it will make the process of finding a phone provider a bunch easier as all you need is a sim card. You can even have the sim card waiting for you when you arrive in Australia.

Obviously, it all depends on your usage and where you want to call. When you initiallly move to Australia you will want to be calling your home country as there will always be stuff to sort out via phone. It makes great sense to have international calling as a function of your new mobile phone. With my cheap phone plan I get to call 10 included countries for free (included in monthly cost) with unlimited call time. It costs me $15 per month and I have unlimited calls (and 2GB national data) to these 10 countries –

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • UK
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea

We use this provider and had the sim card waiting for us on arrival to Australia. The best website I used finding a mobile phone provider was whistleout.com.au.

Home electricity and gas providers

Again, loads of competition in Australia to get your business. There are plenty of comparison websites around and after all the research I did, I found Alinta energy was the most competitive (as long as you pay your bill on time each month you get 28% off the bill). I went through each provider comprehensively and compared their cost per kW, daily charges etc etc. Alinta in the end provides the best value for money for our family of 4. Try this website for your power comparisons. 

Gone are the days of being loyal to power companies (and any other utility providers for that fact). They do not tell you when they have better deals going and you can’t access their deals they offer to new customers. Always keep your eyes peeled and play them off each other and do not be afraid to switch providers when you see better deals. 

Home internet providers

The internet access choice in Australia is generally poor. You have many providers offering packages but they are all hamstrung by the current state of the national system (which is currently being upgraded to a fibre network). The current upgrade is called the ‘NBN – National Broadband Network’. Enter your address in the previous NBN link and it will tell you if your prospective address has fibre available. 

The best home plan I found (not being able to access the fibre network) is $70 per month for 100GB and this includes a phone line (which we dont use). If you want to start going to unlimited data then you are looking at about $79-99 per month. Try this link. Expect poor service when trying to contact the internet providers if you have trouble setting up – but usually it is plug and play and you should not have any troubles.