If you are thinking of loading your current family wagon or chariot into a container and shipping it to Australia BE AWARE! The cost of compliance will most likely outweigh the vehicles value (unless it is a collectible or very expensive car). 

As a part of the demise of the Australian car manufacturing industry; passenger motor vehicle manufacturing, the three main passenger motor vehicle producers, Ford, Holden and Toyota, have each ceased manufacturing in Australia: Ford on 7 October 2016; Toyota on 3 October 2017 and Holden on 20 October 2017. 

This means the Australian government is looking at other ways now for the Australian public to have access to overseas car markets which are not sold as new in Australia. Unlike New Zealand for example, you cannot just buy new-ish second hand vehicles in foreign countries and import them freely into Australia. There are many rules around this. 

The Federal Government recently announced that parallel imports of new cars are part of planned changes to the Motor Vehicle Act that will go to parliament in 2018..

The move is likely to benefit a small fraction of Australia’s 1.1 million new car buyers, with wealthy luxury car owners and niche enthusiasts set to benefit most from the changes that allow consumers to source new or second-hand cars and motorcycles from foreign markets as long as they meet strict requirements.

Some of the requirements are – 

  • Cars must be right-hand-drive,
  • less than 12 months old and have less than 500 kilometers on the odometer.
  • Vehicles must initially be sourced from Japan or the United Kingdom, though other right-hand-drive markets such as New Zealand, South Africa and India may be considered in the future.

 We looked at shipping our Mitsubishi Outlander to Australia but the compliance costs, shipping costs, taxes (just to name a few) were FAR in excess of the vehicles worth. We just sold it and made our money back by looking for a great buy here in Australia.  

We bought both or cars in Australia from carsales.com.au

If you know what you want you vehicle wise you can save searches on this website above and continually look for new listings. When a bargain pops up then pounce like we did. Start looking and getting an idea before you actually move to Australia – you will get a feel for the local dealers stock as well as private sellers whose initial asking prices are well above market value. Once they get tired of trying to sell the vehicle then they may fire-sale the vehicle (much like we did with our Mitsubishi Outlander back in New Zealand!

If you still really want to import your prized chariot to Australia then you can find more information here how to do it.