Hot tip – piggy back on my years of experience and research and use for safe transfer and BEST RATE for money to Australia.

Moving large sums of money across the water scared the heck out me. How big of a cut will the banks take? What if I used an online system and the money went walk-about in transit? What spot rate can i get if the rate is good now? How much should i transfer in one go?

Considering I just sold a house in Auckland I needed to move a reasonable sum of cash across to Australia! And I wanted to do it safely.

Having flown for a major airline for many years I had lots of experience in dealing with foreign currency systems. There was just alot more at stake now I essentially had my life savings which needed to be transferred so we could start a new life in Australia and buy a house to live in. I did many many hours of research and I trialed different systems to get cash across to Australia. The systems I trialed were –

  1. Major banks – specifically ANZ and Westpac
  2. Transferwise (online system)
  3. OFX (online system), and
  4. HiFX (now is also online with offices everywhere.

In the end, I transferred all of my wealth using and here is why. I got to know the local XE representative from asking a bunch of questions of how safe was money in transit. If I transferred it on a Monday and it didn’t appear until Wednesday in my Australian account then what the heck happens to it if the transfer company goes into liquidation? Well, it is 100% safe. They use ‘trust’ accounts for all personal deposits and here is what they;

“Security of Funds

All funds received by HiFX from Clients and Hedge Counterpartiesor which are paid by HiFX to Clients and Hedge Counterparties (including Sold Currency, Bought Currency and Margins) will be received into and paid out of our segregated Security Trust Accounts. HiFX considers client protection to be of paramount importance and our treatment of monies received from clients provides significantly more protection than others provide”.

I also negotiated the best rate I have seen when running simultaneously comparisons with other online transfer systems. The guys at saved me thousands and thousands of dollars.

Just quickly, what I learned about foreign exchange transferring of money and how the online systems always beat the banks hands down; is that; rather than the standard way banks do it of ‘wiring’ money overseas (effectively the money is travelling over the water’, the online transfer companies use technology to match local users at the sending end and local users at the receiving ends; so effectively no money has to travel ‘over water’. The money travels domestically (or sideways) essentially and this is where the huge savings are made.

After many many many hours of study and research I came up with which has consistently the far best rate to transfer money to Australia (and New Zealand and the USA).

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